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Prince of Persia Sands Of Time Movie

here comes the end of the long wait..the movie is all set to release in 28 may 2010..its the best video game series ive ever played n myself a huge fan of expecting much…


fans just skip this…

POP is an action adventure game by Ubisoft made by Jordan Mechner…many may be still remebering how eagerly they played the old prince games..with some 12 levels,,various castles in 3D..Game have changed long way after its been by Ubisoft..

First two game were created by Brøderbund .Prince of Persia (1989) and Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame (1994) .again a Microsoft pop..Prince of Persia 3D.but it was Ubsoft only who made the game stunning with its game play n gripping story..

What u can see in POP series are the totally absorbing story line..the ancient scene with huge graphics,,magic n highly impressing action adventure like wall climbing,n combo moves..also the time controlling…

The most succesfull in series is Sands of TIme one which includes Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2003),,Prince of Persia: Warrior Within(2004),,,Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones(2005)..the sands story has ended with Two Thrones.. still Ubisoft Montreal is back with Prince of Persia(2008)..

the first POP series have got some different story line..revolving around Prince,Princess n Jafer the villian..but with the Sands of Time it enters another gripping stage..

imagesThe Sands of TIme: story starts in India as prince n his Father conquers maharaja..but the vizier Forces him to open up the hour glass releasing Sands of  Time destroying all in kingdom to monsters..Prince ,,Farah fight with Vizier..its first with its stunning combat moves n adventures..also the time control thing..

imagesThe Warrior Within: its seven years after Sands of Time story..prionce being hunted by guardian of sand The story is in Island of time..rate it the best of the series coz of its twisting story n amazing much gr8 suspense n a must play

imagesThe Two Thrones: its just after two three weeks of Warrior within..prince returing persia with Kaileena only to find that its under the dual personality dark prince appear..also Farah is returned..the Sands of time series coomes to an end here…best graphics n gr8story.. its hard to rate best in the series..chk out urself

imagesThe Prince of Persia 4: i remeber eagerlyy waiting this..but was disappointed..gr8 game but diff from the sands of Time series..prince with another princess Elika with problems in her kingdom..Prince is a sketch only..another type of graphics..although gameplay is gr8..

now its the movie…the first part in Sands of time two more movies will be there 4 sure..directed by Mike Newell…with Jake Gyllenhaal the prince..they have given prince a name Dastaan n i think story is changed too..Gemma Arterton is the princess..but name is given as Tamina not idea..whats Walt Disney n Jerry Bruckheimer Films

chk out imdb pop movie

here goes some movie pics popmovie


Harley Davidson bikes to hit indian roads in 2010

so its the end of the long wait bikers…The gloabal leader in cruiser n touring motorcycle and one of the strongest brands in the world is all set to enter indian markets..

The U.S based Harley davidson announ


ced its official plan to enter indian markets in 2010..its been rumoured for a long say the company has established a susidiary in  Gurgaon n began seeking dealers in selected cities…news is authentic n been out from company president n chief operating officer Matthew Levatich…google if u wanna see what he said exactly..

entry will be by CBU way(Complete Built Up)…price may be above 4 lakhs for sure as 60% import duty is there in india..also no plan to start production here….Production will be in America only as its their proud n evertime gr8 Brand..


My Dream machine has gone thinner #PS3 slim

its a good news that after PSP SONY made PS3 also slimmer..its not a 4th part in console series just a varient of existing PS3..chk out its key features..PS3_ad_campaign--article_image


It has gone more affordable ,first of all to 299$,,still u will get PS2 for just 99$

slimmer..some 30% i think..n looking cool too

more compact n cool design,,new font..bye to spidey thing

more smooth operation they say..all in HD

Blue Ray ,DVD built in WiFi

120Gb harddisc than the earlier 80GB thing

HDMI output with 1080p support

no external power supply

good old built-in Web browser; free online gaming service.

also touch screen is replaced by good buttons105648_ps3-450

critics //

wont support PS2 games,,also no infrared n compatibility of bluetooth universal remote ..also online game plays are not that developed like XboX live..way to go sony

here i found a cool link where more comparison is given wth older on

its really a happy news on slim version release with high performance n low cost..the size been a big prob for Playstation3 when comparing with PS2 or even XBOX 360..still sony fighting with microsoft in this gaming field…lol…next wil be motion gaming consoles from sony n microsoft..haha still nintendo rocks the field

chk out PSP go another slim attempt from sony..but i do prefer old psp design..but features are tempting

Rossi to replace injured Massa

after Schumi calling out of his return to F1 roumors been on Rossi…like Rossi to replace Massa..but its all fake..look out what he said 4382_70805121147

“It is a true shame not to see Schumacher back with Ferrari,In my opinion he could have been in the fight for victory by his second race.”

“I have spoken a lot with Stefano Domenicali in these last days about the return of Schumi,” he is quoted as saying by Italy’s Tuttosport, “but I have not received an offer.

“Anyway, I cannot go: I can’t race motorbikes and F1 at the same time,” Rossi added.

its true he is much interested in four wheels..and also testing on Ferrari with Schumi in old days..also he attempted WRC..this added much to rumour..still he is the king of motogp..waiting for Czech Republic GP

chk out his Four wheel attempts..hes excellent there too…lol..chk Rossi in F1 n WRC

chk out these cool sites for more news

compiled by quick googling n

Things u must check before buying a PSP

things u must check before buying a psppsp_3000

i got my dream machine PSP last day…but made some mistakes..not mistaked..i expected more from

first of all the pack comes with device a batery n charger..nothing else

so additionally u have to buy these must needed stuffs

1.   USB cable(mini B 5 pin type)

2. Memory stick..preferably 8GB…do acording to ur budget

3. Headphone (avoid if u have a good one)

4.  a pouch for safekeeping(applicable only upto first weeks…lol)

5.  A UMD without which u cant plAy unless u hack it…

6.  as for hacking things check for firmware less than 5.03(chk it in system settings menu…dont know much on hacking..gooogle it)

go for it..but if u do love the new PSPGO wait til its release…it didnt seem cool to me..but tempting i accept with 16gb inbuilt n non UMD gaming...PSPGO

SONY should have given atleast an UMD n USB cable in pack….or atleast a demo game preloaded..imagine a situation where u are with ur new psp,blank 4gb card,,,,with no UMD n USb cable..i was in that be carefull on getting ur console

Hello Hurricane stage shows #switchfoot

switchfootpic2hey here goes some videos of Hello Hurricane songs which been performed..i know we all are waiting for its release..for those who cant wait –chk these vids.loving Switchfoot

here goes the songs

Hello Hurricane(side A): 1.needle and haystack life 2.mess of me 3.your love is a song 4.this is the sound 5.enough to let me go

Hello Hurricane (side B): 7.Hello Hurricane 8.Always 9.Bullet Soul (John B. Perkins’ blues) 10.Yet 11.Sing it Out 12.Red Eyes

……………so be happy…Vice Verses song are also in perfos

mess of me

needle and haystack life

Hello Hurricane

Bullet Soul (John B. Perkins’ blues)


What are u tweeting now

twitter_128x128it seems an irrelevent question to ask as twitter itself is asking u “what r u doing now”…lol…just analyse what all things u do in where u to classify u…

maybe a single answer..just updating my status..making friends it just thank..think a little bit..twitter has got much potential than we think..exploit it..

first of all keep in touch with ur friends through twitter..thats what we all do here right..pardon me if its annoying..make new friends n a more perfect way adding followers..thats what i meant..if its just adding followers without conversations.gotta think after the recent decline in followers of all..spammers all enter into conversations..

ok..deviating now..back lets discuss what we tweet..dont be qannoying with too many stupid tweets..its ok if u r a celeb…lol..but hashtaging is not refered here…lol

try to be add links of what tweet n all…guess what twitter is th e best platform to popularise ur page…do link ur blog here..

search all ur interests in tweets n get live answers plus extra friends n followers..use the search bar,,

another thing i recommend to twitter users is Topsy,,,search based on gives more precise answers..know more here

or give infos n feds on ur interests through twitter account…

if u are a cleb forget all…keep tweeting anything..even stupid things,,,ur folowers will always on rise

go on tweeting find its tweeting n #followfriday to all visits..n take care not to get addicted much..

here are some cool sites to analse ur twitter account,,rank it

whom should i follow

should i join sites to gain followers

Add-ons to diehard gamers

check out this coolest game acessories.add them to game ur dream…


happy PC gamers..go on..The ErgoDex DX1 keyboard is totally awesome…its theergodex coolest thing related to gaming ive ever seen..i imagined placing keys to our confort..thats it a keyboard where u can place keys whereever u8 want.For gaming it means a lot..keeping keys at the comfort of ur fingers..haha dont feel cramped them at ur wish..yupie exciting huh.

they say

Dominate your game with a pad made to your personal specifications.

Rule the competition by building a controller to fit the shape of your hand.

total flexibility over the keys n superior controlergodex2

its tagged at $149.95


MSRP: $69.99
madcatz wheel

The most realistic racing wheel available for the Xbox 360™. Wrap your hands around the rubber-grip wheel, extend the retractable leg supports, drop your foot onto the pedal and hang on. Vibration feedback adds to the realism. With ten analog action buttons, you can take the MC2 to Talladega, Le Mans and a no-holds-barred desert rally, all in the same afternoon. Officially licensed for Xbox 360™.

Officially licensed for Xbox 360™
Rating: 8.8 out of 10
02/10/06  IGN.COM:
The wheel is great: tight and accurate with a negligible dead zone



Headdshot Controller is another cool add-on for PC gaming,featuring a precision gaming mouse.look the coolsnaps..chk out

Advantages as from

* ERGONOMIC size adjustment gives the ultimate in precision control to hands of all shapes and sizes.

* JOYSTICK EMULATION makes it the perfect controller for mixed mode games by allowing you to quickly switch “on-the-fly” to work as a 3-axis, 9-button joystick.

* POWERFUL emul8or software allows users to program sophisticated macros easily during game play and map it not only to one of the 6 buttons or the 5 way scroll wheel, but also to any keyboarfanatecd key.

* PLASMAGLYDE™ TECHNOLOGY eliminates friction while giving quick and precise aiming.

* LATEST GENERATION hi-grade precision laser sensor gives you precise control (up to 4000 dpi).

* Joystick emulation-compatible with all racing games, flight simulators, etc…

* Recording of mouse movements (optional).

* Created with Germaneering™.


Proffesional racing cockpit with racing seat for the ultimate virtual driving experience.rsc_intro_klein02


Providing an original Race Car seat design (as used in the GTR s

itself is constreries), the fiberglass bucket race seat is extra wide for added comfort. The Fanatec RennSport Cockpit constructed in an aluminum roll cage design that provides comforting stability needed during intense races. The adjustable seat, pedal placement, and wheel angle allows each racer to customize their set-up according to their preferences. The right-hand side integrated shifter attachment can be customized for left-handed drivers.

Additionally, the RennSport Cockpit has optional monitor brackets for up to three 24” monitors, or a single monitor up to 37”, an optional sliding drawer for a wireless keyboard, and is prepared for a 5.1 surround sound system.



another cool gaming Add-on…for PLaystatio as it seems…looks like an ordinary PS joystick…read on….keep mouth shut

* Compatible with Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 (with USB adaptor)

* Twist°n°Turn axis for more realistic and precise control of all racing games (incl. motorbike, jet ski, ATV, snowboard)

* Switch instantly between driving and running (for games like GTA)

* Additional real analogue Triggers for sensible acceleration and braking.

* D-pad with 8 independent buttons for accurate diagonal movement in sport and fighting games

* TUNING function to adjust the sensitivity, eliminate the dead-zone or to adjust the vibration level

* 4 blue LEDs indicate the steering and the gas/brake movements

* plug n Charge kit with 3 rechargeable 2000 mAh batteries and a 5m USB charging cable for continuous game play

Get the full functionality of a PlayStation controller with thefanatec

precision and the feeling of a steering wheel. The Twist°n°Turn axis and the analog triggers allow smooth movements in all racing games including motorcycle or snowboarding games. Unleash the controller and experience endless wireless comfort with the Play°n°Charge pack.

info as obtained from site